Using water and the earth as a heat source and heat sink is well-known science. Our pool geothermal systems use your pool and the earth below it as a heat source in the winter and as a heat sink in the summer.

In the winter, the system pulls the heat out of the pull and into your home. Because heat flows from hot to cold, if the ground is warmer than the pool, heat will flow back into the pool to be used by the heat pump. The heat pump utilizes the heat sink to provide heating savings up to 70% over electric or propane heat. Due to the superior heat transfer quality of water the Geothermal Heat pump requires no supplemental heat source, even on the coldest days.

When the system is cooling, the heat pump takes the heat out of your home and puts it into your pool. When the pool get to the desired temperature the heat rejection unit will maintain the pool at the desired temperature even on the hottest days. The system provides free pool heating in the spring and summer thus extending the swimming season.

The summer time cooling efficiency is 40% plus more efficient than a typical air cooled system. The hotter it gets the better it works relative to a conventional air conditioner. The units can also be fitted with a heat recovery system that can provide free hot water for the home from waste heat rejected by the heat pump.

GeoSmart Supply heat pump for pool geothermal

The end result is less money spent on energy for a more comfortable home. Temperature swings in your pool are leveled out and you can maintain your pool temperature with in a two degree range with our digital controller.

The Heat Pump units shown here are noiseless and are installed in the place of your existing air conditioning units. We offer the units in Stainless steel (mainly used in coastal areas) and in an attractive power coated cabinet in several colors. Units are noiseless and require no ventilation, and can be installed in closets, under decks etc.

The pool water is piped to the remotely installed heat pump units, then back through our Heat Rejection unit then back to the pool. The existing pool pump can be used to move the water or a separate pump can be used for the heat pump loop. Upgrading to a new super energy efficient variable speed pool pump is a desired upgrade to optimize the efficiency of the total system. All upgrades are included in the tax credit, so the actual cost of the system will be reduce by 30% plus any rebates from the local utility (usually around $1,000 a unit).

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