Pool geothermal with cooling tower A Swimming Pool is an Energy Asset that can be used with a Geothermal Heat Pump system to provide heating savings of 70%, and cooling savings of 40% to 50%. In the spring and fall the heat rejected from the house provides free pool heating thus extending the swimming season. In the summer, our unique cooling modules shed excess heat so the pool stays cool for swimming, even in hot summer days. You are in control, just set the desired temperature and our system will maintain the pool at that temperature. In the winter the Geothermal heat pump pulls heat energy from the pool water and thus the earth to provide 120 deg. heat to the house at 1/5 the cost of propane heat. The Geothermal systems are so efficient that they qualify for the Federal 30% tax credit. Local utilities offer the highest rebates for Geothermal systems as well. The tax credit applies to the total installed cost, including pool pump upgrades, piping etc.
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