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Lower Your Energy Bills.
Save up to 60% on heating/cooling bills.  For real.  Right now.

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Get a 30% Tax Credit.
Claim your 30% Tax Credit for installing our pool geothermal system.

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Cool Pool. Swim Longer.
Set and forget your pool temperature. Swim longer in the year.

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Are Your Customers Paying to Much for Propane Heat?
If your customer's heating bills this winter busted their budget because they have propane heat, Geosmart Supply has a solution for you.
If your customers are suffering under the expense of propane heat and if they have a pool, Geosmart Supply has a solution for them that can save you 60% on their heating (and cooling) expense...or more.
Our unique technology:
Geosmart Supply Pool Geothermal Systems on the Discovery Channel
Our systems are installed in some of the greenest houses in the U.S.  Watch this segment from the Discovery Channel's World's Greenest Homes.

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